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You are most welcome to Kahn Tailor


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I would like to recommend Kahn unequivocally.

I have worn tailored suits for over 20 years, From London originally and later Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand and most recently Kahn Tailor. My London suits by G7H Savile Row. Kashkets my regimental tailor, Chris Georgio in King Cross) were very good and i could not fault them, However in Asia, I have struggled to find a "London Quality Tailor " despite half a dozen attempts and a dozen suits. I am please to say that search stopped when i reached Kahn's.

I have now found my eastern tailor and long may our relationship continue.    Gary Haran D


I was very much pleased with my suit and the exemplary service i received from your establishment. I have been recommending your services to many of my friends and they are eager to place orders themselves. I will be ordering more suits in the very near future, I shall need a few things for the holidays. I will send a request for some fabric samples shortly. Thank you again.      Jeff Gross

 Rahees, Service was great as usual. I will be in touch with you to make and mail me some shirts in the near future. Nick
 Thx for the shirts, They all ok go ahead and charge my card on file for the remainder of the purchase. and next time i am there we will do more business, unless you have an online catalog or can send me a sample of fabrics and i can chose a few more items.     Shahab
 Hello, I liked your service. Pall
 Hi, You did a splendid job as always. Robert
 Hello Mr.Kahn

I thank you and your staff for the excellent service i received on my visit to Hong Kong, Keep remembering you telling me, we are not saying we are good but we are saying you can trust us. Basically so far i take you to the best and true, whoever sees me in my suit necessarily asks where and how i got it and i do not hesitate to tell them Kahn Tailor, I really thank you and keep it up, and please advise me what may it take to get me another pair. Yusuf

 Rahees and team,

Great job, Listened well and your tailor ( principle one) was very good- even with our incomplete language skills, he eventually got it and delivered. Cheers    Jamieson

  Dear Kahn

I was very pleased with the service. The delivery from Hong Kong to Switzerland was very quick. if i am in Hong Kong next time i come over. I will recommend you to my friends in Switzerland.  Werner Barmettler

The service and professionalize was very good thank you very much, Some delay but that was due to the couriers incompetence.   Peter Swan 
 Hi Rahees

I found that quality of the shirts i bought to be better than others in Hong Kong and indeed better than some bought commercially elsewhere in the world, Australia, Finland and the UK. They were delivered in a timely manner. The work pants that were made for me are very comfortable and i know this is a new concept for you but you delivered as promised.    Robert Barwick

 Hi Rahees

I thought the service was excellent and my suit was equally as good. I look forward to dealing with you guys again next time. Regards   Richard


I am happy to comment on the service i received from you recently. My wife and i were most impressed with the professional manner you dealt with my request for all suit. I wanted a particular type of material (prince of wales check) that you went to great length to locate. Once you found the material then the measuring and fitting was most impressive and within thirty six hours it was produced fitting me perfectly, many thanks to all concerned.      Nick Battley

 Dear Mr Kahn

I have worn the black and white, black and green shirts once for important business meetings in China. They made me feel very confident it felt so good to wear such beautiful clothing in these situations. I think it does make an impact at least by having me feel very good. I cannot wait to order some more very soon. Thanks Kahn   Andre M Grillon

 Hello Mr Kahn

I thank you and your staff for the excellent service i received on my visit to Hong Kong, Be assured i will call into your premises on my next visit and recommend you to my friends, Thank you once again.   John

 Kahn you did a splendid job as always,   Robert Vorzimer
 Kind Service, good quality, Kind people, perfect salesman,come look for some, Reichl Thomas

Service was good. shirts feel a little tight across upper chest and shoulders. Will need to recheck measurements before i order on my next visit.    Mark from Brisbane 

 I will be in touch for you to make and mail me some shirts in the near future.   Nick
 Fantastic & guide service, Great suit and shirts, would recommend to anybody to buy here, Cameron Dodd

Good Evening

I would like to say that we were extremely happy with your service. Your tailor worked extremely hard and was eager to please.  Donato Cornello

Hi Kahn tailor my best place to purchase suit in Hong Kong hope to visit again.


Hi, Can only say i am extremely happy with the quality and service you and your staff provided extremely happy and already told a colleague in Hong kong to visit you next time he needs to purchase a suit. Many thanks for the Pressure to buy two:-) Norton 
 Good morning, I received the suit and finally have got it back from the dry cleaner. It fits really well and i am very happy with it, Definitely the best suit i have owned.   Jon
 I had bad experience on my previous tailor in other countries. But you people made me happy with their work, I am satisfied 100%.  Zak

Dear Kahn

Every detail was perfect. I will use you all in the future. Thank you.  Mullen Shawn

 Excellent service, I am really satisfied. Guter service, Ich bin begeistert.   Tom Petrick

Yes, parcel was received last week and suits looks great. Thanks so much.    Paul Villacarlos

 Excellent service and suit Fitting. Petermann Heiko
Dear Mr Kahn

I am very happy with the quality of the shirts. If i want to order some shirts, How should we proceed? Regards   Rudolf Van Aalderen


I had bad experience on my previous tailor in Hong Kong. But these people made me happy with their work. I am 100% Satisfied. Zak Yannan
Thank you very much and please visit us in Vienna, Great Job, Marcel
 Excellent service and best fitting. Petermann


Excellent Service, I am really satisfied. Guter service, Ichbin begeistent. Tom Patrick
 Amazing job. Marcel Willems
 Excellent service. very good finished wanted. Dieter


Finally perfect fit. Stephen Hayes
Hello Rahees i got the shirts today they're amazing i love them ! please save the details of how i like them  collar sleeves etc for future orders. Thanks again Jaime
 Hi rahees i got the parcel already and i cant believe it im so so happy with the shirts and the model and design (modern) of the suit is amazing thank u so much well be in touch! Jaime katz


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