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Wardrobe Special



Price starting from   Price starting from   Price starting from  
Price starting from   Price starting from   Price starting from  

*** Note: All prices on this page are for Hong Kong Shop Prices,Mail order will be 25/30% higher start and postage need to pay.


                                                                                                                           WARDROBE PACKAGES


Free Custom Shirt with the Purchased of your First Custom Suit Purchase 2 Custom Suits and get 3 Custom Shirts Free Purchase 3 custom Suits and Get 5 Custom Shirts Free
Free Custom Tuxedo Shirt with the purchase of Custom Tuxedo  Purchase 5 Custom Shirts and get 1 Custom shirts Free Purchase 1 Custom Overcoat and 1 Custom Suit and get 3 Custom Shirts Free


                                                                                                     Italian Fabric Suits Packages


1 Suit  with 2 Shirts HK$ 3999 2 Suit with 2 Shirts HK$ 7499
Packages Start from   Packages Start from  
2 Suits with 2 Extra Slacks HK$ 8499 3 Suits with 6 Shirts HK$ 9999
Packages Start from   Packages Start from  
3 Suits with 3 Extra Slacks HK$ 10999 3 Suits with 1 Sport Jacket with 1 Overcoat HK$ 17999
Packages Start from   Packages Start from  
3 Shirts HK$ 1199 6 Shirts HK$ 2399
Packages Start from   Packages Start from  



Kahn Tailor offers a wide selection of fabrics for men and women. Our selection allows for you to create or replicate any type of garment for any season or occasion.

Our Bespoke service begins with consultation to discuss your ideas and expected outcomes. You will then look at various fabrics that may be of interest to you and discuss your options. Our thorough measuring process allows for us to create a perfect fit only to be worn by you. There are no standard blue prints or patterns to modify. We create your bespoke attire to your preferences and shape. As this may sound like a long process, we guarantee you will be comfortable during this experience at Kahn Tailor Hong Kong while sitting in our shop enjoying a beverage.



  • Business Suits, Seersucker Suits, Linen Suits, Cotton Suits, Casual Suits
  • Tuxedos
  • Jackets, Dinner Jackets, Blazers, Sport Jackets, Officers Jackets
  • Dress Shirts, Casual Shirts
  • Trousers, Formal Trousers, Linen Trousers, Cotton Trousers, Seersucker Trousers, Denim Pant
  • Topcoats, Cashmere topcoats, Wool topcoats, Leather topcoats
  • Customized Ties, Bow Ties and pockets squares


  • Business suit, including trousers, skirts or both, Chanel Suits, Seersucker Suit, Linen Suit, Cotton Suit, Casual Suit.
  • Dresses
  • Jacket, Blazer
  • Trouser, casual, business, formal, denim
  • Topcoats, cashmere, wool, leather

Schedule an Appointment

  • To schedule a appointment with one of our stylist, Please give us a call at (852) 8102-5001 or send us an email or book online appointment


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Note: Shipping Not include and is HK Shop Price , Mail order  price are higher due to traveling, hotel and other cost.


What's the most popular Style?


At the moment, 1 and 2 button single breasted suits are our most popular style, This is usually accompanied by a vibrant matching or contrasting lining that reflect the customer's individuality.


What does Relaxed, Regular, Slim and Super-Slim fit means?


These are simple description of how close-fitting your suit will be. If you are fond of a very comfort in the Suit, then the relaxed fit is for you; the regular fit is a little comfortable, alternativly, The slim fit provide a good shape look a bit tapered, While Super-slim or Tapered Fit provide a neat tapered look to the jacket and not much space to easily move. In general, the regular or slim fit is what most people are used to. Super-slim fit, however, can take some time getting used to, but is extremely flattering on some body-shapes.


Can you offer advice on the best suit for me?


When you come in for fitting, we are happy to give you style advice on what will work best for you, in fact it is part of the measuring process. some styles suit some shapes better than others, and if you need advice we are happy to offer it. our only concern is that you have a suit that flatters you and we ask as well what fit you like.


Custom Suits Brands we Offer
Ermenegildo Zegna Suits Fabric Loro Piana Suits Fabric Holland & Sherry Suits Fabric
Vitale Barberis Canonico Suits Fabric Guabello Suits Fabric Reda 1865 Suits Fabric
Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino Suits Fabric Marzoni Suits Fabric Reid and Taylor Suits Fabric
Huddersfield Suits Fabric Bateman Ogden Suits Fabric Dormuel Suits Fabric
S.I.C. Tess Shirts Fabric Somelos Shirts Fabric Soktas Shirts Fabric



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